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Stop Smoking with HypnosisI use an amazing technique for Stopping Smoking that has been developed by Rob Kelly and that has succeeded in helping clients to stop smoking. It makes it much easier to help you to stop, using this method. I use a combination of suggestion therapy, visualisation and positive thinking to make stopping smoking as easy as possible for my clients - with a superb success rate. Research has shown that most techniques people try turn out to be hopeless, Hypnosis however came out as one of the most effective anti-smoking technique.

So why do you want to Stop?

You might think that by quitting you would; live a little longer, feel a little healthier, get nagged a little less from your partner or kids, save a few quid, or have nicer smelling breath. The trouble is..........and here is the problem........... none of those reasons bring immediate rewards i.e. You don't feel healthier/ fitter/ richer/ nicer smelling/ less nagged, the day after quitting smoking. (or the next day, or week, or even month). So that doesn't sound like a good deal to me! - give up something you love, and in five years time you may just feel a little healthier! No wonder people often get stressed, moody, stroppy, angry and depressed when they quit smoking by willpower alone. People want their rewards and benefits NOW - not in five/ten/twenty years time.

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is so successful, because you do receive immediate rewards for your efforts;

  • you feel an intense sense of pride and satisfaction
  • you receive an immediate boost to your willpower
  • you gain a huge amount of confidence in your ability to remain a non smoker
  • situations that used to make you feel stressed or anxious, now just relax you

....this list could go on and on and on......

Ask yourself this: If you received a fantastic sense of well-being, calmness, pride and satisfaction every time you got yourself in a situation where you used to have a cigarette, why would you EVER want or need to smoke again ?

What Happens in the Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation Session?

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy The actual session lasts about one hour to an hour and a half - it consists of a forty minute 'talky bit', followed by an approximate 30 minute hypnosis session. During the 'talky bit' your belief system will be challenged (the way you think and feel about smoking); you will be asked many questions (some quite personal about what you "get out" of your smoking habit) and the therapist will get you to think differently about smoking.

Through challenging your beliefs about why you smoke, and learning to see the whole smoking business from a totally different perspective (Warning: much banter and humour may be employed during this part of the session!) you will be well on your way to being a non-smoker.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be 'under', or 'out of control' during the session?

No. You will be relaxed, in a very light state of hypnosis.....fully alert and fully in control at all times. You can speak, move, open your eyes or do anything else you would like to do.... you DO NOT have to be in a 'stage hypnosis' type of trance - just a very light, relaxed state.

Why is your success rate appear to be better than most other therapists?

A number of reasons really:

I run the session very differently to most other suggestion-only hypnotherapists and focus on very different topics

I help the client to change their BELIEF SYSTEM - to that of a NON-SMOKER... and as a non-smoker, it is very easy to stop smoking.

Most importantly of all, I don't approach stopping smoking from the same view point as 'normal' hypnotherapists.. aa a Thrive Consultant I work on the "yjomking aspect" of smoking. Taking people through therapy gives (the therapist) tremendous insight into WHY we have habits, phobias and other symptoms. We use these insights into the unconscious motivations BEHIND smoking cessation, to eliminate the habit at an unconscious level.

Do you offer any sort of 'Guarantees', or 'money back if it doesn't work'?

No, I don't offer any guarantees - and no professional therapist should. YOU need to accept some responsibility for YOUR smoking habit, and YOU need to put some effort in if you want to stop - nobody can do it for you. We will help you a great deal, but cannot do it for you.

There is NO MAGIC to hypnosis or hypnotherapy - it can HELP you to achieve many things in life, but none of these things can be guaranteed, because it depends on how much effort YOU, the client, puts in. Where hypnotherapists do offer 'money back guarantees' or 'free back up sessions', they are being unethical, unprofessional and not helping you at all.

Why do you, and other hypnotherapists, charge so much more for a smoking cessation session, than other symptoms you treat?

An 'Easy Smoking Cessation' session, the way I do them, is the most involved type of hypnotherapy session that I run. It involves far more time, preparation, effort, skill, experience, character-assessment, insight and general hard-work, than any other symptom or condition that we treat. That is why it costs more.

I have been to another hypnotherapist before and it didn't work - would it still be worth it coming to see you?

Yes, the techniques I use are TOTALLY different to most other approaches to smoking cessation.

Why do you insist on clients paying cash for smoking cessation?

Part of the reason you will stop when you come and see me, is because you will have a tangible reason to stop. A lot of emphasis is placed upon what is tangible and not tangible. A cheque, or a credit card slip, is not tangible, and might affect your commitment; cash is tangible, it is real... this helps to focus your attention

Do I need to put in any effort?

Yes you do. There is NO MAGIC to hypnosis - it is an AID to you, it will HELP YOU, but it WILL NOT do it for you. You need to pay attention during the session, you need to be honest during the session, and you need to put some effort into the session. I have a SUPERB success rate - but you do need to put some effort in.

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**Disclaimer: All content and claims made within these pages on this website are are based on my working with clients and their results over many years. The testimonials provided on this website are genuine client testimonials submitted to me after them working with the Thrive/Hypno-Analysis Programmes. This includes working with clients on Thrive, Stop Smoking, Hypno-Analysis and any other therapies explained on this website. Results clients may achieve can vary - as with any therapy the client has to put effort in to resolving their issues. The hypnosis or my individual work cannot make the changes in your life for you. However if you use the hypnosis and my input as a “tool” then together with your effort then there is no reason at all why you cant make those changes to improve your life and well-being. I offer no guarantees to you - as to do so would be irresponsible - particularly as I don’t know how much effort you will put in to any of the Programmes. But you can be assured I will put in 100% effort to help you resolve your issues.