Lose weight using Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Changing Limited Beliefs

"Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"

Weight Loss with HypnosisThere is an increasing number of people who have issues with eating, drinking and weight control in our society. Reports state that "People are getting fatter almost everywhere in the world". They state that "obesity is a modern problem - statistics for it did not even exist 50 years ago. The increase of convenience foods, labour-saving devices, motorised transport and more sedentary jobs means people are getting fatter. In response to what some describe as the 'obesity epidemic', there are now an overwhelming number of diets and 'magic cures' advertised in the media and on the internet, but unfortunately many of them simply do not work. This is because they fail to address the very reasons why you have issues with food and drink.

But you know all that already right? You have probably even tried all sorts of diets - lost weight, put it on, tried a different diet and gone through the same routine again, probably many many times - different diets but the same poor results.

The majority of people who have issues with their eating and drinking also have a variety of other issues( or triggers) which impact upon themselves, some of these may be listed below:

  • Poor self- confidence
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor, and/or factually inaccurate self and body image
  • Lack of, or weak willpower
  • Guilt
  • Boredom
  • High stress levels
  • Loneliness
  • Lack of exercise
  • 'Portion distortion' - the name being applied to our lack of awareness of correct portion sizes in our 'super-size' culture

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are more effective interventions for weight loss, and eating and drinking issues, as they aim to address and minimise unhelpful beliefs and issues. Being an Advanced Hypnotherapist I come across many therapies, and have undertaken many training courses around and focussing on weight loss. I tend to specialise in this particular area and my clients achieve some great results regardless of the different types of therapy that we use. The type of therapy would depend upon how much weight you want to lose, what emotional and psychological "triggers" you may have, and whether you have "always" been dieting and wanting to lose weight.

Weight Loss with HypnotherapyIf you are wanting just to lose a few pounds in weight, to eat more vegetables and fruit and cut down on crisps and biscuits etc then quite often a 2 or 3 sessions of SUGGESTION THERAPY may prove to be very effective to help change your way of thinking about food. Suggestion therapy will enable you to move on from unhelpful thought patterns within just a few sessions. It will provide you with a greater sense of self; it will boost self-confidence, willpower and self-esteem; it will help you build on your self-belief; you will become more consciously aware of what and when you are eating and drinking, thereby enabling you to become more in control; you will have greater motivation for exercise and you will have a strong visual image of yourself as a successful person who is in control if their eating and drinking. An added bonus is that hypnosis is wonderfully relaxing and reduces stress levels.

However if your eating or drinking are more serious, and you want to lose more than a stone of weight then you are not alone: I see many people each week who have had longer term eating issues and probably more deep rooted causes for their eating and drinking problems. Perhaps you may even have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia? Then it is likely that you would benefit most from a course of Thrive. This type of therapy would provide you with all the benefits of feeling back in control of things in your life, whilst also helping you to fully resolve your issues with eating and self-image, leaving you free to enjoy a more stable and relaxed approach to eating and drinking. The most successful way my clients find to lose weight though is the Hypno-Band Programme which involves Suggestion Therapy Hypnosis and Thrive all built in to one effective weight loss programme.

However if you dont want to resolve any root cause for eating issues then you may, like many of my weight loss clients, opt to make use of the fantastic HYPNO-BAND Programme that I operate from my Bromham practice. I am the Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner for both Bedford - something I am very proud of - and the clients that I take through this 6 session programme and those clients that are prepared to put in some effort and use the hypnosis tools can achieve great results. You can find out much more information on this from my dedicated Hypno-Band website namely www.hypnobandbedford.co.uk but basically the programme looks at your emotional and psychological "triggers" and together we come up with some alternative behaviours for you.

Lose Weight with HypnosisFrom then on we start to use the hypnosis to get your mind believing that your stomach is shrinking so that you will feel fuller quicker and not want to eat so much food. We aim to replicate the effects of the surgical Gastric band operation but without the down side of having to have surgery and of course the substantial cost of that surgery.

The simple fact is that whatever amount of weight you want to lose I CAN HELP YOU TO LOSE IT !! I cant lose it for you, and I am sure you realise that you will have to put in some effort whichever type of therapy we use but the results can be astounding.

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**Disclaimer: All content and claims made within these pages on this website are are based on my working with clients and their results over many years. The testimonials provided on this website are genuine client testimonials submitted to me after them working with the Thrive/Hypno-Analysis Programmes. This includes working with clients on Thrive, Stop Smoking, Hypno-Analysis and any other therapies explained on this website. Results clients may achieve can vary - as with any therapy the client has to put effort in to resolving their issues. The hypnosis or my individual work cannot make the changes in your life for you. However if you use the hypnosis and my input as a “tool” then together with your effort then there is no reason at all why you cant make those changes to improve your life and well-being. I offer no guarantees to you - as to do so would be irresponsible - particularly as I don’t know how much effort you will put in to any of the Programmes. But you can be assured I will put in 100% effort to help you resolve your issues.