Changing Your Limited Beliefs

Treating ME, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, Self Esteem/Social Phobia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Alcohol and Drug related issues.

CLB to change your lifeChanging Limited Beliefs - Wouldnt we all want to change any limiting beliefs in our lives and live happy, contented, achieving what we want to achieve and enjoying life to the full? Of course we would but unfortunately its often to easy to acquire a mis-managed way of thinking that gets in the way and sets up Limiting Belief Systems where we often think thoughts such as " I cant, It wont work, Its too difficult, Im too embarrassed, Im a failure" True? Limiting Beliefs are sets of beliefs that can have an incredibly negative or damaging effect on your life - causing you to suffer - for example - relationship problems, ill health, phobias fears and anxieties, and even mental and physical illnesses.

Changing Limited beliefs is excellent for those people who may be unable to take on therapy - maybe they are not well enough, unwilling, or possibly just don't have the necessary time where time is an important issue ( such as just before a holiday). Its also for those people who are desperate to get control back in their life but for some reason would not get through Analytical Therapy.

So what is the Limiting Beliefs programme and how does it work? What does it consist of?

You may initially think that the Changing Limiting Beliefs is about positive thinking but its actually so much more than that - its about re-training your brain to think differently. Its actually very easy to get in to a mis-managed way of thinking... and its also quite easy to take responsibility to change that way of thinking and live the life that you want, and should, be living - a permanent change.

If you think about it.. your parents taught you when you were very young how to comb your hair, have a wash, clean your teeth, get dressed, ride a bike, cross the road - all the things our parents usually teach. At school we were taught Maths, English, History, and a host of other subjects. But who taught us how to manage our THOUGHTS and our EMOTIONS? Thats right - no one ever did so we managed the best that we could and picked up a lot of bad thinking habits along the way.

Changing Limited Beliefs puts you back in control and taking responsibility for what happens in your like and how you CHOOSE to let things affect you !

The Changing Limited Beliefs Programme usually consists of between 4-6 sessions that involve NO hypnosis at all. The important thing is that people who undergo this training program are referred to as either "TRAINEES" or "STUDENTS" but definately not "CLIENTS". That is because this is not a therapy - it is a TRAINING PROGRAM. It involves informal sessions that may at times be quite challenging to your beliefs. You will find it enlightening, informative, en-powering, and also at times ( hopefully) humorous. Changing your beliefs can actually be FUN as well as emotional but my sense of humour often comes shining through to liven up the sessions!

Overview of the Changing Limited beliefs Training Program

You cant change anything in your life until you understand about yourself - what actually makes you tick, why you think like you do, what you think affects your thinking, and importantly until you BELIEVE how easy it is to change those things about yourself that you are not happy with.

How many times have you said to yourself or to someone else " I have always been like this"? Well now you will be able to see that actually it IS possible to change and become the way you WANT to be and with a bit of effort its not that difficult!! This programme looks at your belief systems, your character type and what affects your character type ( for example are you negative, do you catastrophise, are you obsessive, do you feel powerless, are you a perfectionist), it looks at anxiety and how it affects you, it looks at the way that your mind and your imagination can work against you, and it looks at how much responsibility YOU take for you life and how you choose to let things affect you.

The end result is that you are taught a very simple technique to get your life the way that you WANT it to be, focussing on what you WANT to happen rather than what you fear MIGHT happen !

Changing Limited Beliefs using SKYPE for clients abroad who wish to change their life

This Changing Limited Beliefs Programme is now available in a totally UNIQUE method and way for those unable to get in to see me at either my Bedford practice. I have started doing these sessions by SKYPE !! If you have a good computer, a fast internet connection and access to a web-cam and microphone ( many computers now have these built in) then these sessions can be carried out WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD - Kettering or Katmandu !

There is now no limit to the number of people who can benefit from the Changing Limited Beliefs Programme. So what are you waiting for !! My SKYPE address is Bedford.Hypnotherapist

This training program is a multi-faceted approach to training people to completely change their limiting beliefs - empowering them to take back control of their life. This is a technique that can significantly help people with ME, post viral fatigue syndrome, anorexia, fibromyalgia, OCD, smoking.....and just about ANY other disorder or symptom where limiting beliefs play a part.

The next Step?

Quite often you may have had a fear, illness, phobia or lacked confidence for so long that its been normalised - "I have always had it, its just me and the way I am". But you were not born with the phobia or with confidence issues it was "acquired" as you went through your life, probably as a child. Just because you may have always suffered with these symptoms does not mean you have to continue suffering with them. Please give me a call or send me an email as I CAN HELP YOU to resolve things so that you can live the life that you deserve to live.

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